History, overview of France-UArizona cooperation landscape.

The FA Institute aims to connect broadly with the UArizona community to help build international collaborations with France across campus. 

Currently, the Institute interacts closely with Biosphere 2, through the iGLOBES International Research Lab and the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO).  Additionally, the Institute hopes to amplify the existing interactions between iGLOBES and the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, and the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC), and develop new connections with other centers that are designed to tackle global grand challenges, such as the Arizona Institute for Resilient Environments and Societies (AIRES), the Space Science Institute, the Data Science Institute, and BIO5. We will continue to reach out across university colleges to engage and support faculty and students in all disciplines – science and optical sciences, humanities, social sciences, arts, engineering, agriculture, and health. Building these connections with the whole UArizona research community creates a rich network underlaid by a common motivation for transdisciplinary approaches to global grand challenges.