Sylvie Guerder

Scientific Deputy Director, National Institute of Biology (INEE), CNRS
Photo pf Dr. Sylvie Guerder

Dr. Guerder performed her PhD work in the Basel Institute of Immunology under the supervision of Poly Matzinger. She then joined the laboratory of Dr. Richard Flavell at Yale for her post-doctoral studies.  In 1996 she was recruited as an INSERM researcher and is now developing her research activities in Toulouse. She contributed to our understanding of the mechanisms of central and peripheral T cell tolerance and the mechanism regulating T cell activation. Now, the research focus of her team aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling the functional differentiation of dendritic cells. The overall aim is to find ways to reprogram them to induce either protective anti-tumor immunity or tolerance in the context of autoimmunity.  She has been a member of several French financing agencies and of the section of the National committee involved in the evaluation of CNRS laboratories.