The France-Arizona Institute for Global Grand Challenges is issuing a joint call for proposals every year to support collaborative research in all disciplines. Each project will involve one CNRS-affiliated team and one UArizona team.

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CNRS/UArizona joint call Awardees

2023 Awardees

Tomato pollen

Heat tOlerant TOmato Pollen in Cultivars (HOtTOPIC)

PI-UARavishankar Palanivelu

PI-CNRSCécile Bousquet-Antonelli


Meaning, gesture, and sign in Mesoamerica.

PI-UA: Robert Henderson

PI-CNRS: Jeremy Kuhn

fact fake

uSing argUmentation foR Fact-checkING (SURFING).

PI-UA: Mihai Surdeanu

PI-CNRS: Srdjan Vesic

2022 Awardees

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