International Emerging Actions are PI-to-PI projects whose purpose is to explore new fields of research and international partnerships through: short-term mobility of scientists, the organisation of working meetings, and the initiation of early-stage joint research works for shared scientific projects. These actions have a duration of two years. 

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International Emerging Actions: UArizona/CNRS- 2022 awards

Corsica fire

Mediterranean wildfires: historical environmental drivers and ecological consequences (MedFires)

PI-UA: Peter Fulé

PI-CNRS: Christopher Carcaillet

Project funded in 2022

Pollination tomato

Translational regulations in male fertilization in Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato

PI-UA: Ravi Palanivelu

PI-CNRS: Cecile Bousquet-Antonelli

Project funded in 2022

Biochemical engineering

Targeted in vivo photopharmacological control of cardiac activity


PI-UA: Philipp Gutruf

PI-CNRS: Jerome Montnach

Project funded in 2022